Worst Grammy Performances Ever

The Grammys wouldn’t be the Grammys without the pressure to perform, and sometimes artists just can’t make the cut. Since we’ve already shown you the best Grammys performances ever, we couldn’t leave the juicy, or in the case of Pink, wet, performances that made everyone else look AMAZING. Without further adieu, the worst performances available to those that dare on Youtube.

Outkast: “Hey Ya”

“Hey Ya” was 2004’s summer ubiquitous hit. You couldn’t escape it, and why would you want to? This was such a terrible let down. The strange, albeit slightly racist costumes, and poor singing made this a forgettable (hopefully) performance that stands as an example of what NOT to do.

Pink: “Glitter In The Air”

After this performance, which truly lived up the spectacle of the Grammys, critics joked that the song title should have been changed to “Water On Your Face.” Take a look at the 4:27 marker. That’s just gross. You’ve got to feel bad for all the high profile celebrities wearing their custom designer ensembles getting some moist loving from Pink (doesn’t that sound terrible).

Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Howard Jones, and Thomas Dolby: “Synthesizer Medley”

With such a studded quartet it’s surprising how much of a flop this performance truly was. This performance set back DJs twenty years as “non-instrumentalists” simply because no one knew what was happening and how this was music. Watch at the 1:55 mark when Thomas Dolby’s instrument falters and no one seems to notice. Makes you wonder, “Is this just a prerecorded track?”

Milli Vanilli: “Girl You Know It’s True”

Speaking of prerecorded, nothing tops Milli Vanilli, one of the biggest bands at the time, getting caught for lip synching. Really, no one likes a faker. Just ask Ashley Simpson (haven’t heard about her in a while now have you?).

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